On Demand Webinar: Strategies to Boost Your Digital Museum’s Reach

Digital preservation provides organizations with the opportunity to move beyond physical limitations to connect with audiences around the globe. Learn how to leverage strategic planning and innovative techniques to maximize the reach and impact of your digital museum.


Creating a digital museum to share your stories is an incredible accomplishment, but it can often sit as an “undiscovered gem.” Make sure the resource you’ve painstakingly created is put to use!

Hear from Martha Tye, HistoryIT’s Vice President of Marketing, as she shares strategies to maximize the reach of your digital museum. With prior experience working in the cultural arts industry, she builds tactics from real-life experiences.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tips for building a digital museum launch plan
  • How to adapt content for various promotional outlets 
  • Ways to incorporate digital museums in programming
  • How to use analytics tools to amplify content

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