• Are there any start-up costs in addition to the annual fee?

    No. Once you make your initial annual payment, you’re ready to start saving history. We do offer additional services to assist with digital preservation and metadata strategy. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.

  • What migration services are offered for those who have established accounts with other software?

    We are currently offering migration services. We set up your structure within Odyssey based on your existing account and import it directly. Please note, we do not clean or revise any of your metadata during this process.

  • Does Odyssey support a specific type of collection?

    We support all collections types. From letters to books, photographs to paintings, textiles to ceramics — we have you covered.

  • What if I exceed my storage limit?

    If your digital asset files exceed the storage limit, we can discuss an affordable custom plan to meet your needs. Drop us a line and we’ll share the details.

  • What hosting service does Odyssey use?

    We use Amazon AWS, which provides redundant backups for metadata and assets on a daily basis.

  • What’s a historian’s favorite toast topping?


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