Our Story

Access to the past is vital to society.

Odyssey Preservation Software was born from the frustrations and dreams of the historians and software developers at HistoryIT. With the mission to save history at the core of everything we do, the HistoryIT team has continuously created and refined products and services to best achieve that goal. Odyssey is an all-in-one collections and archives management tool that’s designed to not just meet your needs, but get you excited to use it.

After decades of using outdated, clunky management software, we got tired of struggling with retrofitted updates that never addressed the needs of our rapidly evolving modern technological world. We were tired of hearing our friends and colleagues echo these frustrations without having alternatives available. So, we decided to do something about it.

We designed Odyssey to be the future of collections and archives management software. It’s an affordable, approachable tool that allows users of all skill levels to access their accounts from anywhere, use any metadata standard, store any file type (including master files), and develop public-facing digital museums. It’s all in one platform and it’s all included in our annual license — no hidden fees.

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